Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Regional Residential Energy Labeling Action Plan 2019


Imagine you are purchasing a car and there are two identical vehicles listed for the same price. Which one costs more over its lifespan to operate? One way we might determine this is via a fuel efficiency label, which tells us the miles per gallon (mpg) of the car. Now imagine you want to purchase a house? What analogous metric would you use to compare lifespan costs to own and operate specific homes? This is where home energy labeling comes in. Energy costs are often the highest expense homeowners or renters face in operating a home, but before home energy labeling, there was not a way to accurately account for this information in a transparent way for consumers. Home energy labeling is important because it helps consumers gain a better understanding of the complete cost of running their home.

NEEP's Regional Residential Energy Labeling Action Plan presents clear actions jurisidictions can take to implement successful home energy labeling programs and policies by addressing the challenges and providing a pathway forward to overcome barriers.