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Attributing Building Energy Code Savings to Energy Efficiency Programs


February 2013 - Building energy-efficiency codes have received considerable attention lately because of the energy-savings opportunities they present for utilities and other program administrators (PAs). By providing PAs with an incentive to support energy codes, their focus can move towards a productive engagement with code officials, builders, developers, contractors, architects, and the market.

The purpose of this report is to examine what mechanisms have been and could be used to encourage the development of PA code programs in an environment comparable to the resource acquisition one in which conventional energy-efficiency programs function. The report is intended to inform and assist PAs and other organizations, such as utility regulators, interested in exploring and pursuing opportunities for supporting building energy codes. It presents information on the following:

  • The building code adoption and implementation process
  • Characteristics of energy-efficiency policies and programs that are relevant to PA activities to support building codes
  • Assessment and selection of activities to support building codes
  • Evaluation and attribution of savings from code development and adoption activities
  • Evaluation and attribution of savings from code compliance enhancement activities
  • Recommended pathways for pursuing PA code programs

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